Merchandise NO 2A-87          

/ Bokuoh Seki

              Price 33,000 YEN                  
                       (16,500 YEN)          

Bokuoh Seki (1903-1991)

He was born in Gunma Pref. .
The 241st Tenryu temple world.
Beginning, he advanced to the medical school
of the Keio university.
Leaving the after he became a priest.
He studied the Zen with Seisethu Seki of the Tenryu
temple superintendent priest.
After the war, he was chosen to the Tenryu temple
superintendent priest.

Main Paper B=31.0cm H=127.0cm
Mounting Silk B=40.0cm H=191.0cm
Box Original signed
wood box included.
Artwork is in good condition
Meaning (Cha no aji soku Zen no aji)
Taste of the powdered green tea
is taste of the Zen