Merchandise NO 2A-83          

/ Kankei Moriyama

Price 35,000 YEN

          Kankei Moriyama (1888-1955 )

                     The priest of the rinzai sect Daitokuji temple Ryugenin.
                     The Daitoku temple 505 reign.
                     He was born in Shimane in 1888.
                     He studied Zen with Koryo Kouno.
                     He died at 67 years old in 1955.

Main Paper B=33.5cm H=105.0cm
Mounting Paper B=35.5cm H=188.0cm
Box Keido Roshil signed
Paulownia box included
Artwork is in good condition.
Meaning (Sanka hiraite Nishiki ni nitari)
The flower of the mountain opens
and is like the Japanese brocade.

Keido Roshil signed paulownia box