Merchandise NO 2B-32              

   Sotosect Eiheiji
     / Taizen Kumazawa                            Price 25,000 YEN          

Taizen Kumazawa (1874-1968)

     He was born in Aichi Prf. in 1874.
     Sotosect /Eihei-Temple
     The 73th reign superintendent priest .
     He died in 1968 at the age of 94.

Main Paper B=32.0cm H=130.0cm
Mounting Silk B=44.0cm H=219.0cm
Box Signatureless
Paulownia box included.
Condition is good overall.
Meaning (Kumo seiten ni ari Mizu kame ni ari)
Clouds are in the blue sky,
Water is in the bottle.

Signatureless Paulownia box