Merchandise NO 2A-113          

              / Imyo Shukei                           Sold                                                  

Imyo Shukei (1731 - 1808)

He was born in 1731.
The superintendent priest of the Rinzai sect Sokoku temple .
He studied painting with Jakuchu Ito .
He painted flower piece of the plum very well.
He died of 78 years old in 1808 .

Main Paper B=28.5cm H=107.0cm
Mounting Paper B=35.5cm H=179.0cm
Box Signatureless
Paulownia box included.
With natural yellowing.
Mounting top and bottom
has damage to some extent.

Signatureless cedar box

Calligraphy expansion

Jizo expansion

Damage on the upper part of the mounting.

Damage on the under part of the mounting.