Merchandise NO 2A-41          


/ Bunsho Kasumi


            Bunsho Kasumi (1905 - 1998)

                         He was born in Gifu Pref. in 1905.
                         He visited China well and endeavored to
                         the Zen culture interchange.
                         Even the book besides there is a majority.
                         He was a famous priest in the Zen culture world.
                         He served the highest representative of the Nishinomiya
                         Kaisei temple and became the superintendent priest of
                         a Kyoto Myoshin temple in the after.
                        He died in 1998 at the age of 94.

Main Paper B=44.0cm H= 34.0cm
Mounting Silk B=55.5cm H=133.0cm
Box Wood box included.
Artwork is in very good condition
Meaning (Ryusui Jyotetsui)
The running water is like Moon.

Signatureless Paulownia box