Merchandise NO 1A-24          


Bairei Kouno
/ Fukurokujyu

Price 20,000 YEN

Bairei Kouno (1844-1895)

 The Japanese Shijo sect artist.
 He was born in 1844 in Kyoto .
 His real name was Naotoyo .
 He learned the picture from Raisho Nakajima
 and Bunrin Shiokawa .
 He was the artist of Shijo sect
 who took the most active part in the Meiji Era.
 He died of 52 years old in 1895 years.

Main Paper B=34.0cm H=114.0cm
Mounting Silk B=46.0cm H=196.0cm
Box Seiko Kouno signed
wood box included.
Artwork is in good condition
with some light creasing.

Seiko Kouno signed paulownia box

Partial expansion