Merchandise NO 2C-57           

Shingon sect/Kanshuji-Temple
     / Jyunkyo Oh-ishi

     Price 22,000 YEN


                     Jyunkyo Ohishi (1888-1968)

                                             The nun of the Singon sect Kanshuji temple.
                                             She was a geisha, but lost both hands
                                             in an indiscriminate murder case.
                                             She practiced writing a character
                                             and a picture with a mouth.
                                             She became a nun of the Shingon Buddhism later.
                                             She died in 1968 at the age of 81.

Main Paper B=24.0cm H= 26.0cm
Mounting Paper B=27.0cm H=118.0cm
Box Chikyo Oh-ishi signed
paulownia box included
Artwork is in good condition .
Light dirt by the aging.
(But,It is not conspicuous.)

Chikyo Oh-ishi signed paulownia box