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Gakudo Ozaki

Price 18,000 YEN

Gakudo Ozaki (1859-1954)

The political party politician.
He was born in Mie Pref. in 1859.
He won an election to the House of Representatives
Diet member 25 times with the continuation from
Meiji 23 until Showa 27.
He served (the Minister of Education of the first
Okuma Cabinet / the Minister of Justice of the second
Okuma Cabinet /Tokyo mayor etc).
He was called 'the god of the constitutional government'.
He died in 1954 at the age of 95.  

Main Paper B=34.0cm H=135.0cm
Mounting Silk B=44.0cm H=195.0cm
Box Wood box included.
Artwork is in good condition .
There is small damege in main.
(But,they are not conspicuous.)

Paulownia box