Merchandise NO2B-27          

Sotosect - Souji-Temple
       / Sengai Ekido

                Price 25,000 YENiReservedj         

Sengai Ekido (1805-1879)

 The priest of Soto-sect.
 He was born in Nagoya in 1805.
 He studied Soto Zen with Fugai.
 The first reign superintendent priest
 of the Sotosect Souji temple.
 He died in 1879 at the age of 75.

Main Paper B=28.5cm H=105.0cm
Mounting Silk &
B=31.5cm H=183.0cm
Box Signatureless cedar box included.
Condition is good overall.
with natural yellowing.
Meaning (Kourojyo itten no yuki)
Snow on the furnace
With enlightenment,
the worldly desires disappear in an instant.

Signatureless cedar box