Merchandise NO 1B-13          

Tatehiko Suga
   / Begging for rain

Price 70,000 YEN

Tatehiko Suga (1878-1963)

The Japanese artist of the Tosa sect.
The Tottori Pref. birthplace.
He learned the art of drawing with the self-education .
He paints sensitive Japanese painting style
and paints the picture of a witty purport.
He makes the life of people the picture.
Also, he learned Japanese classical literature
from Shunko Kanegaki.
And, he learned the Chinese classics
from Ken Yamamoto.
He died of 85 years old in 1963 .

Main Silk B=40.5cm H=129.0cm
Mounting Silk B=54.0cm H=214.0cm
Box Original signed
paulownia box included.
Condition is good overall.

Original signed paulownia box

Partial expansion