Merchandise NO 2A-95          


                           Taiten Kenjo                       Price 25,000 YEN

                                  Taiten Kenjo (1719-1801)

                                                        The Rinzai sect Sokokuji temple's priest.
                                                        He was born in Shiga Prefecture in 1719.
                                                        He interacted with Ko-yugai of the Obaku sect, famous for sencha,
                                                        He is also known as a patron of Jakuchu Ito.
                                                        He died at 82 years old in 1801.

Main Paper B=33.5cm H= 29.0cm
Mounting Paper B=54.0cm H=116.0cm
Box Signatureless
cedar box included
There are many insect holes
on the upper part of the mounting.

Signatureless cedar box

Insect holes expansion