Merchandise NO 3-28           

           Soho Tokutomi                                Price 22,000 YEN                                                      

Soho Tokutomi (1863 - 1957)

The journalist/history scholar.
The Kumamoto Pref. birthplace.
He is the older brother of Roka Tokutomi.
He organized Min-yusha and published
the magazine 'the friend of the nations'.
The same magazine became the frontiers of
a comprehensive magazine and appeared
Kunikida Doppo/Tokutomi roka etc.
He won a prize the Order of Culture.
He died of 94 years old in 1957 .

Main Silk B=37.5cm H=136.0cm
Mounting Silk B=51.0cm H=204.0cm
Box Signatureless
cedar box included.
Condition is good overall.

Signatureless cedar box