Merchandise NO 1B-144                            


            Shunkyo Yamamoto
                / Water's edge                               Price 15,000 YEN

                      Shunkyo Yamamoto (1872-1933)

                                              Japanese artist.
                                              He was born in Shiga in 1872
                                              He studied painting with Bunkyo Nomura and Kansai Mori.
                                              He became the professor of iKyoto painting specialized school.
                                              He died in 1933 at the age of 63.

Main Silk B=23.5cm H= 23.5cm
Mounting Silk B=42.5cm H=131.0cm
Box Son Kiyohide signed
paulownia box included
Condition is good overall.
Many spots around the circle.

Son Kiyohide signed paulownia box