Merchandise NO 1A-105          


   Shinten-o Yamanaka
 / Ink Landscape and calligraphy

                       Price 18,000 YEN    

Shinten-o Yamanaka (1821-1885)

 He was born in the Hekikai county of Aichi Pref. in 1821.
 The after, he learned Japanese classical literature
 from Sethudo Saito of Ise from Syuchiku Shinozaki
 in Osaka furthermore.
 In the late year, he paints the poem/calligraphy/picture
 etc. with the Kyoto Shimogamo and spent the retired life.
 He died in 1885 at the age of 64.

Main Paper B=47.0cm H=173.0cm
Mounting Silk B=59.5cm H=218.0cm
Box Wood box included.
Artwork is in good condition

Paulownia box