Merchandise NO 1A-2           

Yayu Yokoi
Toho Naito
/ Chicken and calligraphy


 Yayu Yokoi (1702-1783)

    Haiku poeter.
    His real name was Tokitsura .
    He was born in Aichi Pref. in 1702 .
    He studied the poem with Shiko Kagami.
    He was good at Waka and Painting .
    He died in 1783 at the age of 81.

  Toho Naito (1728-1788)

    A mid-Edo period samurai and painter.
    Born in Nagoya in 1728. He is a feudal retainer of the Owari clan.
    He was a good painter of the Kano school,
    He often collaborated with Yayu Yokoi.
    He was also good at writing and singing.
    He died on August 5, 1788. he is 61 years old.

Main Paper B=28.5cm H= 60.0cm
Mounting Paper B=38.0cm H=140.0cm
Box Signatureless
Fir box included.
Mounting slightly damaged
Slight dirt on the main

Signatureless Paulownia box

Damage to the lower part of the mounting

Damage to the upper part of the mounting