Qustion fron Korea.  
Lucy Kim (30-39) Asia 9/3(Thu) 19:06:41 No.20090903200404

Nice to meet you.
I'd like to know the price range of Kasumi Bunsho(u)'s calligraphy works.

My father's friend has one of his art.The work was exhibited in 88th birthday anniversary exhibition.
I heard he wants to sell the work.  

The picture isn't the same thing. But my father says it looks very similar.

We live in Seoul. I'm sorry that I couldn't understand Japanes. We couldn't find any informations about him and work.

Could you give us advice and help?


                                         Lucy Kim

1.  K.Takahashi (50-59) Asia    9/3(Thu) 20:04:04 No.20090903200404-1
Thank you for the comment. Mr.Kim

The work which you have is the calligraphy of Kasumi Bunsho.

Explanation of Kasumi Bunsho should look at the following URL.

Thank you very much.      From K.Takahashi

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