the Japanese painting (Picture of ink 8)

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NO 1A-64
Renzan Kishi
/ The moon and Raccoon dog
NO 1A-65
Kouichi Awakawa
/ Vermilion bamboo and calligraphy
NO 1A-66
Gessho Tamura
/ Fukurokujyu

NO 1A-67
Renzan Kishi
/ Rice reaping
NO 1A-68
Susumu Hiromoto
/ Wild geese and
Snow landscape
NO 1A-69
Kouichi Awakawa
/ Orchid and calligraphy


NO 1A-70
Seisensui Ogiwara
/ Autumn grass and calligraphy
NO 1A-71
Susumu Hiromoto
/ Orchid
NO 1A-72
Bisen Fukuda
/ Visit to Ise Shrine