the Japanese painting (Picture of ink 7)

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NO 1A-55
Reika Kikkawa
/ The Hermit
NO 1A-56
Unpo Ohoka
/ Ink Landscape
NO 1A-57
Getsujyo Mori
/ Ink Landscape


NO 1A-58
Kanyu Shirakura
/ Deep valley
NO 1A-59
Seisensui Ogiwara
/ Mukuge Flower
NO 1A-60
Chikame Ogawa
/ Winter Landscape

NO 1A-61
Suiun Komuro
/ Ink Landscape
NO 1A-62
Suiun Komuro
/ Mt.Fuji
NO 1A-63
Gantai Saeki
/ Takasago