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Since April /15 , 1997

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Ume blossoms at Kitano Tenmangu Shrine

Last updated March 1 th , 2023

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Important Notices

      We can ship the hanging scroll works on our homepage to the world.
      However, there are some countries that cannot be shipped yet due corona.
      And an increasing number of countries are unable to send EMS to Europe
      due to the Ukrainian War. Thank you for your understanding.
      Please check here for countries that cannot be shipped.
      Please check this page for EMS charges after June 1, 2022.


** Don't lose to Corona virus ! (All scrolls are on sale at 20% off.)**

      At Antique Art Rakunan, all works are on sale at 20% off as a support sale.
      It is Support sale not to lose to Corona.  (I will continue in 2023.)
     (This sale will end when the Japanese government equates corona to the flu.)
      When you put the work in the basket, it will be calculated at 20% off.
      You do not miss this chance that your all works will be cheaper.
      We look forward to your many orders at this very advantageous opportunity.

Introduction to Antique Art Rakunan

Located in Fushimi, a town in Southern Kyoto famous for its sake brewing traditions,
Antique Art Rakunan is a wholesale business that has been specializing in the sale of
antique art for 70 years. We have continued to work out of our store in Fushimi for
many years, but in 1997 we set up this Web site so that we could also offer merchandise
directly to retail antique collectors at even lower prices.
We sell all manner of antique art, but We specialize in paintings and calligraphic works.
There are always at least 700 items listed for sale, and we rotate our merchandise
every two weeks so that there is always something new to see. With so many items
updated so often, you can visit our Web site to compare prices with other stores
before you come visit us.
We are sure you will find something of interest at Antique Art Rakunan,
and we hope you will visit us soon.

Kyoto Prefecture Public Safety Commission Registration No. 4539

Linking to Our Site

In principle, we basically allow other Web sites to freely link to this page.
If you notify us by e-mail or other means when linking to this page,
we will link to your page as well. You may also use the banner to
the right if you wish.

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