the Japanese painting (Picture of ink 9)

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NO 1A-73
Sanzo Wada
/ Frog and Calligraphy
NO 1A-74
Reika Kikkawa
/ An old man and dog
NO 1A-75
Kyokko Machida
/ Lonely autumn field

NO 1A-76
Rotetsu Kojima
/ Ebisu
NO 1A-77
Keinen Imao
/ Fukurokujyu in clouds
No 1A-78
Ryuko Takahisa
/ Old man and calligraphy


NO 1A-79
Shunkyo Yamamoto
/ Snow in a rough village
NO 1A-80
Seigyo Wakasa
/ Crab and calligraphy
NO 1A-81
Shinteno Yamanaka
/ Ink Landscape