Merchandise NO 1A-94          

Shirou Inoue and Toho Naito
/ Ebisu and Calligraphy

Price 25,000 YEN

Shirou Inoue (1742-1812)

 He was born in Nagoya in 1742.
 He was the Haiku poet .
 His main occupation was the doctor of obstetrics and gynecology.
 He studied Haiku with Gyoudai Kato .
 He studied Japanese classical literature with Norinaga Motoori .
 He painted very well.
 He died in 1812 at the age of 70.

Toho Naito (1728-1788)

 A mid-Edo period samurai and painter.
 Born in Nagoya in 1728. He is a feudal retainer of the Owari clan.
 He was a good painter of the Kano school,
 He often collaborated with Yayu Yokoi.
 He was also good at writing and singing.
 He died on August 5, 1788. he is 61 years old.

Main painting Paper B=42.0cm H=113.0cm
Mounting Silk B=53.0cm H=195.0cm
Box Signatureless
Paulownia box included
Artwork is in good condition
with some light creasing.
(But,they are not conspicuous.)

Signatureless Paulownia box