Merchandise NO 1B-22          

Benji Asada
    / Early winter

                 Price 55,000 YEN

Original signed Double paulownia box

Benji Asada (1899-1984)

 The Japanese artist.
 He was born in Kyoto Pref. Funai-gun in 1899.
 He learned the picture from Hako Irie from Kyoto municipal arts and crafts school days
 and learned from Goun Nishimura after the graduation.
 He takes an active part with Nitten with Kayou yamaguchi .
 Hiroshi Asada of ocean artist and Takashi Asadaof the Japanese artist are his child.
 He died of 84 years old in 1984 years.

Main Paper B=57.0cm H= 51.5cm
Mounting Silk B=72.5cm H=152.0cm
Box Original signed
Double wood box included.
Condition is good overall.