Merchandise NO2A-96          

      / Shinden Inaba                              Price 25,000 YEN                                                       

Shinden Inaba (1906-1986)

 Rinzai sect .
 He was born in Aichi Pref. in 1906.
 When he was at the age of 14. 
 He became a pupil of Taiko Yamazaki Roshi.
 After,he was taught Zen by Seisetsu Seki Roshi.
 He became the former superintendent priest
 of Rinzai Kokutai temple sect on 1964.
 He died in 1986 at the age of 81.

Main Paper B=32.0cm H=130.5cm
Mounting Silk B=34.0cm H=207.0cm
Box Original signed
paulownia box included.
Condition is good overall.
Meaning (Kyoshin kore wagashi)
An obedient heart is my teacher.

Original signed paulownia box