the Japanese painting (Picture of Color 19)

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NO 1B-163
Kokou Iwasa
/ GirlsfFestival Dolls
NO 1B-164
Hideo Taniguchi
/ Seaside
NO 1B-165
Taizan Sakakibara
/ Mt.Fuji


NO 1B-166
Benji Asada
/ Carp
NO 1B-167
Etsudo Odake
/ Takasago
NO 1B-168
Tetsu Katsuda
/ Maiko

NO 1B-169
Kaisen Oda
/ Kanzan jittoku
NO 1B-170
Hideo Taniguchi
/ Early spring
NO 1B-171
Gantai Saeki
/ Takasago