the Japanese painting (Picture of ink 12)

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NO 1A-100
Gyokkei Mochizuki
/ Ise Futamigaura
NO 1A-101
Ichian Tanaka
/ Melon and Mouse
NO 1A-102
Kyoson Yano
/ Lotus

NO 1A-103
Kyoson Yano
/ Ink Landscape
NO 1A-104
Ryuu Shimazaki
/ Edo period beauty
NO 1A-105
Shinten-o Yamanaka
/ Ink Landscape and Calligraphy

NO 1A-106
Mokuho Maeda
/ Reishi and Calligraphy
NO 1A-107
Taikan Sato
/ Ink Landscape
NO 1A-108
Mokuho Maeda
/ Flower and Calligraphy

(No Mounting)