Merchandise NO 4-4          


Seicho no ie Head
/ Masaharu Taniguchi


Price 35,000 YEN


Masaharu Taniguchi (1894-1985)

  The religious man.
'  Seicho no ie' the president.
  He established 'Seicho no ie'.
  (The party of the psychotherapy
  who is cured if we read it)
  He died in 1985 at the age of 91.

Main Paper B=32.5cm H=127.0cm
Mounting Paper B=44.5cm H=197.0cm
Box Signatureless double
pulownia box included
Artwork is in good condition .
There is a small stain on
the upper part of the mounting.
(But , It is not conspicuous.)

 Paulownia box